Response from Mike Sinyard, Founder & Chair, Specialized Bicycles

Just a few hours after sending the email below to Mike, I received this response:

[Transcription of audio file received at 1.05.AM EST, 12th December, 2013]

Hello Carmen

Mike Sinyard at Specialized. 

Thank you first of all very much for your letter and I appreciate you reaching out to me and all of us at Specialized. 

I just wanted to say I read your piece and I totally agree with you.  

I would say we at Specialized do not support this kind of behaviour and we are embarrassed by it. 

Consider this an official apology. 

I’m going to copy Erin, who is in charge of the women’s category at Specialized, and Simon. 

Simon, I know you well, and you’re a great guy. 

I know you like to put things out there but this is over the top and I think that we need a formal apology on this. 

None of us including Simon and all of us at Specialized intended for anything like this, so again thank you for bringing it to our attention, thank you. 

All due respect from myself as the Founder of Specialized, and the whole team.

Thank you.

Specialized logo

Heartfelt thanks Mike.  Thank you for your swift, affirmative and positive action.  Thank you for once again showing why you and Specialized are pioneers in leading and supporting women in cycling.

6 thoughts on “Response from Mike Sinyard, Founder & Chair, Specialized Bicycles

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  2. Great response, Mike. Thank you. I have one of your Specialized Fate 29ers and still madly in love with it after a year. I was appalled by Total Rush’s stunt and subsequent responses.

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